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What are the benefits of collagen capsules?

Industrially produced collagen is heavily advertised, especially on the Internet and by celebrities. In the form of powders, capsules and drinking ampoules, it is intended to restore the age-related loss of collagen.

The manufacturers promise more beautiful skin, healthy cartilage and stronger ligaments and joints. In fact, studies show that this canned collagen reaches bones and joints – but in its individual components. The body breaks down the collagen into the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

However, the body can produce collagen itself from proline. To do this, it needs vitamin C as a coenzyme. Vitamin C is required for collagen production, similar to copper, zinc and other trace elements. These micronutrients are usually missing in the powders.

What are the alternatives?

Our IV Drips can add nutrients quickly and easily.

Supplementation of nutrients (e.g. vitamin C and zinc) is more favourable than the collagen preparations themselves.

Our injections directly under the skin (Profhilo®, mesoestetic®) provide a better and longer-lasting effect and are more cost-effective in the long term.

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TIpps for a radiant skin

Glow up with UniCKat Aesthetics!

Do you want pore-free, radiant and healthy skin? We reveal our top glow-up tips and which products can help you achieve them.

The basic principle of skin care is: a healthy amount of cleansing and the use of skin care products. This is because our skin produces protective lipids on a daily basis, with so-called ceramides forming a major component. In order to form a natural protective barrier to the outside, it is important to maintain an acidic pH of about 5. If we now use aggressive cleansing agents such as gels containing alcohol, coarse-grained peelings or drying soaps, we lose the natural acid mantle and thus the important protective barrier against external influences. The skin appears dry, flaky, reddened and pre ages.

Therefore, not only the selection, but also the sequence in the application of care products is of fundamental importance.

  1. Start with a mild detergent without alcohol
  2. Use a gentle exfoliant 1-2x a week – I prefer exfoliants that use enzymes or glycolic acid. This not only frees the skin from dead corneal flakes, but also refines the pores!
  3. Optional deep hydrating serum
  4. Rich, moisturizing care product
  5. Very important: finally sunscreen – preferably sun protection factor 50

Just as important as the external care of the skin is the contribution of the internal care. Therefore, pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet with little sugar and salt, moderate alcohol consumption and a sufficient amount of liquid – min. 1.5 L still water or unsweetened tea. Exercise several times a week and be sure to avoid nicotine use.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to the wonder weapon Profhilo®. Simple in treatment, this product manages to stimulate 4 different types of collagen in the skin through biomodeling, in addition to giving you back an unbeatable glow up and noticeable firmness. Book your appointment here now.

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White dots on the lips

White dots on the lips?

In my consultation, young women in particular ask me what “those white dots” on their lips are. They find them particularly unattractive and would like to get rid of them.

In this blog, I will briefly inform you about the most important things.

1. What are these white dots?

These are so-called Fordyce’s glands. These are ectopic sebaceous glands that can be present on the lips, in the oral cavity and also in the intimate area. These are ectopic sebaceous glands that can be present on the lips, in the oral cavity and also in the intimate area. They have no disease value. They occur in up to 80% of the population and occur due to hormonal changes after puberty. They are completely absent in children.

2. Can I get rid of them?

The Fordyce’s glands can disappear on their own or remain. Since they have no disease value, removal is not necessary from a medical point of view. However, if they are found to be cosmetically disturbing, the following methods can help:

CO2 laser: a laser method that can ablatively sclerose the glands.

Curettage: removal by means of scraping

Oral treatment with isotretinoids: these dry out the sebaceous glands and can make them disappear completely

Typical treatment with retinoids, clindamycin and benzyl peroxide

Electrodesiccation/cauteration: This involves burning away particularly pronounced glands.

For all methods, you should consult a dermatologist, a specialist in skin diseases.

UniCKat Aesthetics - Dr. Cigdem Kaya - Lucerne

Practice opening in Lucerne

It is with great pleasure that I open my new practice in Lucerne – centrally located on Zürichstrasse, very close to Löwengraben. In the bright rooms we provide a cozy ambience with fresh colors. Furthermore, we are there with modern beauty treatments in all matters of your beauty. We are open for you from Monday to Saturday. Stop by for a free consultation and get inspired.


Changed opening hours

Our practice will be closed on the following days:

  • 12.10.2023 (Advanced Medical Training in Laser Treatment)
  • 01.11.2023 (All Saints’ Day)
  • 18.12.-24.12.2023 (holidays)
  • 25.12./26.12.2023 (Christmas)
  • 01.01./02.01.2024 (Neujahr)