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You are obliged to do so before each treatment,

the information protocol for the desired treatment!

We grant a discount of CHF 50 each if you come as a couple and CHF 70 if you come as a trio.

Pure botulinum toxin treatments are excluded.

Botulinum toxin

Ideal for the treatment of mimic wrinkles,
Teeth grinding and excessive sweating

One zone (forehead wrinkles, frown lines or crow’s feet)CHF 250
Two zonesCHF 400
Three zonesCHF 500
Half zones (Bunnylines, Gummy Smile, Cobblestone Chin)CHF 150
Masticatory muscle / teeth grindingCHF 370
Sweating treatment under the armsCHF 550


The almost all-rounder!
Whether building, hydrating or defining.
We have high quality hyaluronic products for all indications.

Lipsfrom CHF 250
Eye circles from CHF 390
Jawline / Chinfrom CHF 390
Marionette folds from CHF 390
Nasolabial folds from CHF 390
Upper lip wrinkles from CHF 390
Rhinoplastyfrom CHF 350
Cheek augmentation from CHF 400


Profhilo® – for more resilience and maximum glow effect…

1st treatment CHF 370
2nd treatment after 4 weeksCHF 300


Radiesse® – the ultimate biostimulator and collagen booster…

as neededfrom CHF 700


Poly-L-lactic acid – long-lasting lifting effect through massive collagen stimulation…

Facefrom CHF 700
Hip Dips CHF 2800

Mesotherapy mesoestetic®

In the right layer – for glow and collagen…

Face, décolleté or neck per treatmentCHF 400
Package of 3CHF 1000

Fat Away Syringe

Dissolve local fat deposits permanently…

Double chin CHF 300
Belly fat CHF 500
Lovehandles (hips)CHF 500
Riding pants CHF 600


To dissolve old hyaluron…

By unitsfrom CHF 150


For stubborn pigmentation disorders…

Whole treatmentCHF 1100

Microneedling with skin cocktail

For stretch marks, fine wrinkles and pigmentation disorders …

FaceCHF 290
Face + décolletéCHF 350
Face + décolleté + neckCHF 390
Stretch markson request


For wrinkle treatment, pigment reduction and hair growth promotion…

Face, décolleté, neck or scalp per treatmentCHF 450
Package of 3 CHF 1200
CK Hair Wave Animation 1


Detox Drip250 CHF
Energy Drip180 CHF
Glutathion Shot 50 CHF
Longevity Drip150 CHF
Hair&Skin Drip150 CHF
3F Drip – fit for life150 CHF
Muscle Drip180 CHF
Men’s Health Drip220 CHF
Anti-Aging Drip390 CHF
Fat Burner Drip280 CHF
Iron Power Drip220 CHF
Immunity Drip150 CHF