TIpps for a radiant skin

Glow up with UniCKat Aesthetics!

Do you want pore-free, radiant and healthy skin? We reveal our top glow-up tips and which products can help you achieve them.

The basic principle of skin care is: a healthy amount of cleansing and the use of skin care products. This is because our skin produces protective lipids on a daily basis, with so-called ceramides forming a major component. In order to form a natural protective barrier to the outside, it is important to maintain an acidic pH of about 5. If we now use aggressive cleansing agents such as gels containing alcohol, coarse-grained peelings or drying soaps, we lose the natural acid mantle and thus the important protective barrier against external influences. The skin appears dry, flaky, reddened and pre ages.

Therefore, not only the selection, but also the sequence in the application of care products is of fundamental importance.

  1. Start with a mild detergent without alcohol
  2. Use a gentle exfoliant 1-2x a week – I prefer exfoliants that use enzymes or glycolic acid. This not only frees the skin from dead corneal flakes, but also refines the pores!
  3. Optional deep hydrating serum
  4. Rich, moisturizing care product
  5. Very important: finally sunscreen – preferably sun protection factor 50

Just as important as the external care of the skin is the contribution of the internal care. Therefore, pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet with little sugar and salt, moderate alcohol consumption and a sufficient amount of liquid – min. 1.5 L still water or unsweetened tea. Exercise several times a week and be sure to avoid nicotine use.

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